• 062017-01

    Lever block

    Whatever you’re looking for chain block , lever block orelectric hoist, Jinlei can supply the best product and the cheap price for clients.more

  • 042017-01

    Hydraulic lift table

    Hydraulic lift table have the electric lifting table and manual hydraulic lift table.We are focus on manufacturing high quality lifting table.more

  • 302016-12

    Electric scissor lift for sale

    A electric scissor lift is a type of platform that can usually only move vertically, if you have any questions about our electric scissor lifts for sale, please Keep in touch with us at any time.more

  • 272016-12

    Hydraulic lifter

    Hengsheng crane is one of the largest professional production of hydraulic Lift Platform manufacturers, leading products for: elevator guide rail type, hydraulic cargo-lifts, mobile lift platform and other various special customized products.more

  • 222016-12

    Lifting platform

    Scissor lift table is a special hoisting device, which is one of the most widely used lifting equipments, widely used in opera, dance theater, drama theater.more

  • 202016-12

    Electric wire rope hoist

    Electric wire rope hoist is a small lifting equipment, with a compact, light weight, small size, parts versatility, easy operation.more

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